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Head Mounted Displays

Head Mounted Display Project
The Plan

To build my own Head Mounted Display using commerically built optics. To save money I have purchased an i-Visor FX-601M from Daeyang in Korea. The FX-601M is the internal optics and circuits of their FX-601 FMD. The idea is to not only save money, but to mount the optics into a custom made housing that will be much tougher than the FX-601 housing. If someone has any suggestions or requests, please don't hesitate to contact me through the Contact page.

As advertised by Daeyang

Introducing i-visor FX601M

"The world’s best OLED microdisplay"

The Daeyang i-Visor FX-601M and controller.

i-Visor FX601M is FX601’s module type, FX601M is released for industrial, military and medical strength application development. FX601M presents PCB, OLED panel and Optical Prism on the one-board type for easy application for their various fields. The head set size is small and the compact controller presents USB power, SVGA input and stereo input. Customers can control 2D/3D change and screen switch with the three buttons on the controller.


  • 2 SVGA OLED panels (1,440,000 pixels each)
  • 800X600 (RGB) resolution in natural true color
  • PC analog RGB display signal
  • Free curvature prism lens
  • A giant screen equivalent to a 60 inch screen being viewed from a distance of 2m (6.51 feet)
  • 42 degree field-of-view (diagonal) 3D Stereo
  • Field sequential stereovision (Can be switched either automatically or manually)


  • Standard stereo headphone jack power
  • 5VDC USB Power Power consumption of 1.2W (Max.)


  • Headset: 120g (4.23oz) without cables
  • Controller: 45g (1.58oz)


  • D-sub
  • Audio
  • USB power
The Daeyang i-Visor FX-601M.


  • H-position Control
  • Brightness Control
  • 3D Auto-Detection(nVidia DDC)
  • 2D/3D Select
Posted: 3rd January 2007.
FX-601M and Welding Goggles
The FX-601M and Welding Goggles.

Well 3 1/2 years later and I thought it was about time I did something about finishing this project. I purchase a couple of Trimersion HMD's as they were very cheap. I have played a couple of games with them and it has been fun, but the poor resolution and poor FOV makes it difficult. In some games I can't even see the aiming reticle so half the time my aims are just guess work.

FX-601M sitting in the Welding Goggles
The FX-601M sitting in the Welding Goggles.

I decided the easiest way to mount the FX-601M optics is to modifying some welding goggles. The FX-601M is very lightweight and hopefully will sit just the right distance from my eyes when mounted on the outside of the goggles. The picture to the above shows the welding goggles and the FX-601M. The picture to the right shows after I have cut and filed away certain areas so the optics can be installed.

After testing them out, ideally they may be best sitting a fraction closer to my face, but the screens are nicely focused so they should work OK. The black plastic part of the welding goggles unclips so next I will make a whole new piece to fit inside the goggles. This way I can give the prisms of the FX-601M a snug fit.

Posted: 25th October 2010.
FX-601M and Welding Goggles
The FX-601M mounted in the Welding Goggles.
FX-601M sitting in the Welding Goggles
The FX-601M mounted in the Welding Goggles.

Well I cut a new piece of plastic to fit inside the welding goggles and mounted the FX-601M to it. To make it a more solid fit I also cut another pice of plastic to go on the outside of the goggles and screwed them together. From the inside it is a finished product although I still need to make a cover for the outside. Quite comfortable to wear and almost a perfect fit. I need to sit them down a little on my nose to get perfect focus, but it is still comfortable to wear. Now to test it out with my Trimersion gun mod.

Posted: 28th October 2010.

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